How to Keep Your Dog Happy at Home Alone?


Dogs become a member of the family the minute they enter the home and meet the family. This is because their love for their humans is very pure; with no expectations. Dogs are great companions and they just want this from their owners.

But research showed that some dogs literally cry when their owners have to leave for work. The researchers put up cams at the home and the video could break down any steel-hearted person. And the researchers also found out that if the owners leave for quite a long while often – dogs get depressed and it reduces their lifespan as well.

Tips for Dog Happy at Home Alone

If you want your dog to remain happy and live a long life then you have to teach it to be happy alone. Here, you will know how to train your dog to be happy at home.

1.     The first thing you can do is give them a comfy bed or if you have a fence around your home then build a den for it. The den should be large enough and add some toys.

2.     You will have to teach your dog to remain calm when you are busy in work; to do this, you will have to hold back your heart and ignore that goo-goo eyes. When you give them less attention, they will learn not to disturb you when you are busy.

3.     If the above doesn’t work then buy a slow feeder, it will keep them busy and will also make them tired enough to sleep.

4.     When you arrive at home, give them their favorite treat and take them to the park or for a stroll. This will give your dog an idea that if it behaves like a good boy/girl while you are going, it will get a treat.

5.     Since dog sitters are nowadays expensive and to make sure your dog learns to be alone, then reduce the dog sitter’s time and it will surely do the trick.

6.     If you are not a morning person then we suggest that you become an early riser as it will enable you to take your dog out on a long walk and when you both come home, you will be fresh while your dog could be tired and they will most probably sleep or rest after you leave for work.

7.     If you want your dog to learn how to stay happy at home alone, then we suggest that you make sure that they have everything that they need like:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Toys
  • We also suggest that you leave your piece of clothing beside them or in their doggy den so that they don’t feel anxiety.

8.     Even though you don’t want to leave home before saying a proper goodbye to your dog but in order to make them learn to be happy at home, you have to hold yourself back to say a lovable goodbye. Also, don’t make them feel overwhelmed when you arrive at home. Make them feel that it is not of a big deal.

9.     Calming a dog takes a lot of patience and sometimes, they do get on the nerves. You will want to get angry with them but it is best that you avoid offing them. Dogs become the victim of separation anxiety and because of that they will scratch your sofa, drink from the toilet and mess up the house. Because they will feel scared if you tell them to back off. So, just let them be and if they jump on you don’t pay much attention.

10.  If you have gotten a dog from a dog shelter then it is most likely that they already have severe separation anxiety. For such dogs, it is recommended that you buy two-way cams that can be connected from your phone and place the home cam at a higher place. We suggest that you use this cam thrice a day. When your dog will hear your voice, it will feel less anxious.

11.  You could also buy a robotic ball for your dog, it will keep them busy when you are gone. They are puppy safe. Since it is robotic, you will just have to turn it on and leave it with the dog.

12.  If your dog is getting any better then we suggest that you get another dog. This may be an extra expense but it will help your dog get a long life.

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