Which State has the MOST Dog Parks?

Did you know that California has the most dog parks of any state? If you’re like me, this will come as a surprise. I mean, sure we have tons of dogs here in California, but we also have lots of people. So why does it make sense for us to also have more dog parks than anywhere else? And how did we compare with other states? Let’s explore!

California, TX

California, Texas and New York are the top states when it comes to dog parks. But what about the rest of America? Using data from Spotwalla, we’ve compiled a list of which states have the most dog parks per capita.

California has more dog parks than any other state: 472! Texas came in second with 354 dog parks, followed by Illinois at 288, Arizona with 237 and Ohio rounding out our top 5 at 226.

New York, TX

New York boasts the most dog parks. According to a survey by Rover.com, the city of New York has more than 500 parks where you can take your pup, which is almost double the number of any other state in America. New York also happens to be both America’s largest city and its most populous one, so it makes sense that it would have more dog parks than anywhere else in this country.

Illinois, TX

Illinois has the most dog parks per capita, by far. In fact, it has more than twice as many as any other state and nearly five times as many as the average of all 50 states combined. They also have more than half of all American dog parks located there—and they have fewer people living in their state than any other except for Alaska.

So why do we think that this is a good thing? Well, first off because we love dogs! But also because Illinois’s high number of dog-friendly areas means that your pup will be able to enjoy some fresh air while you’re out on errands or running errands with them on your walks together!

Arizona, TX

Arizona, Texas is the top dog park state in the country. It’s home to 34 dog parks, with one park for every 21,207 people and one park for every 558 square miles. The city of Tucson has an impressive three dog parks within its borders—the most of any city in America!

Ohio, TX

Ohio has the most dog parks in the United States, and it’s not even close. Ohio has 2,500+ dog parks, with an average of 3 dog parks per 100k residents. No other state comes close to Ohio’s number of public doggy play areas—not even Texas.

If you love having your pup around but don’t want to be tied down by a leash for long stretches of time or limited by breed restrictions in your local community park, there are several options available for you to explore!

California has the most dog parks.

California has the most dog parks of any state in the country, but it doesn’t have the highest rate of dog ownership. In fact, California’s dog-to-human ratio is actually lower than most other states. So why does California have so many more dog parks?

Because they’re awesome! Okay, maybe that’s not the only reason (and it certainly isn’t a good enough reason for some people), but it’s still pretty awesome. And since we’re on the topic of how awesome these places are for dogs and their owners alike, let’s take a look at some of our favorite features:

Final Thoughts

Though we’d like to see a state with the most dog parks, the real winner here is you! We hope this article was helpful in finding out which state has the MOST dog parks. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments.

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